I was recently published in The Elephant. I thought I’d share the poem:

And here’s the text:


our second date ended up in the newspaper.

we got dressed up and went to the opening of a local art show. sauntered down an alley and up the back stairs of a warehouse. we took our time. looked at every framed portrait one by one, stark woven faces staring back at us. photographer for the globe took a couple flicks of our reactions. our cocked heads. our body language. the nervous inches between us. followed us for fifteen minutes. all the way around the room.

cant say i blame her. we were gorgeous. light skinned black people make a white camera fall in love especially when you stunt like we did. especially when you effortless happy like we were. especially when you lock eyes and stretch a smile wall to wall. we turned it on. they wanted our skin pinned up like another exhibit and we aint never disappoint. that flash just letting us know we looked as spectacular as we felt.

wandered back out into the alley and asked you if you smoked. then we got high together for the first time.

joked about it. you know we gonna be in the newspaper right? and we were. a shot over our shoulders while we gazed. our togetherness on display, itself a piece of art. i still look at the photo sometimes. remember what it was like to have so much to learn about you.

down the road they were playing music in the park. reggae that made us swing our hips. closed my eyes and felt the heat of your body against mine. the guitars wailed out and the stage lights flashed and we were there together alone. safe. unaffected. immortalized.

marshall Written by: