Head in the Cloud


The fourth Gripp solo album is here. We are out of physical copies. Sorry! But you can still get the album digitally from any of the stores below.

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  1. Just the Type
  2. Something New
  3. Oh Yeah?! (feat. Jay Novella)
  4. The Future Goes (feat. karen.alise)
  5. E&F
  6. Terminal
  7. Place to Be (feat. karen.alise)
  8. Tatooine (Magrathea)
  9. Never Relax
  10. Claim to Truth
  11. Peppermintalism
  12. Addicted to the Wickedest (feat. Jack of Co.Z)
  13. Metarap
  14. Faders Down (feat. karen.alise)
  15. Head in the Cloud
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