Declaring Shenanigans!!!

Declaring Shenanigans

glassEyeballs is proud to announce an EP from Quez: Declaring Shenanigans!!! Eleven original tracks produced by Gripp, including features from Gripp and Fit. Listen to it for free and download it now! $7 digital download

  1. Autobiography in the Third Person
  2. Haiku #348
  3. Crazy Like a Fox (feat. Gripp)
  4. Diggity Down (Da Down Diggy)
  5. Get Grown
  6. Haiku #1849
  7. Teaching Moments (feat. Fit)
  8. Apply Pressure
  9. Haiku #41
  10. We Put the “Ill” in “Kill”
  11. Motivate (feat. Gripp)
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